Mahalo Promise

Our Mahalo Promise 

With every purchase from our store, you get the Mahalo Promise. Charms and I wants to show gratitude for shopping with our family and for that, we guarantee all our items for life. This includes free cleaning and repairs that fall under regular maintenance. Guarantees do not including postage to and from our facility, major repairs, and coverage for breakage or broken items. Every Charms and I item is made in the USA and on-premises in our Los Angeles facility, all our items have been alloyed and manufactured correctly according to FTC standards. This means that no part of the Charms and I jewelry manufacturing process is outsourced. Charms and I items are delivered as pictured and use gemstones or diamonds that are sourced from conflict-free Kimberly approved sources. Please contact us for any items you wish to send for regular maintenance or repair.